Whether a home builder, or homeowner, when it comes to any building project, we have the products and services you need. From estimating, drafting, design, to delivery, we pride ourselves on offering you the very best. All backed by the best advice from our friendly, highly experienced staff. 

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Delivery for every project near and far. Don’t hesitate to ask us about delivering your project to a distant town or rural area.

Delivering: Features

  • Millwork Vans
  • Boom Truck
  • Semis with forklifts


We don’t hand off your project to an estimator and then have you work with the Salesperson. Our Salespeople will estimate your project making them in tune to your needs and giving them a personal feel for your project needs.

Estimating: Features

  • Decks
  • Garages
  • Pole Buildings
  • Residential Houses
  • Multi Family Housing and Apartments
  • On site Millwork measuring

For the do-it-yourself customers:

Not sure how to start your project? Take advantage of expert advice to help you through those projects your spouse was skeptical you would finish. Need a special molding to match your existing trim, or maybe special finish bath hardware? Our Do-It Best catalog and many other resources gives you access to thousands of items not found on most retail shelves.


For the Professional:

When you partner with us, our experienced sales people anticipate your needs saving you time. Our staff has regular meetings with our vendors to keep up with new products. When a customer is asking you about “Green”, we know about green and become a valuable information resource. If there is a problem on the job, our team has the contacts you need to troubleshoot and solve them before they become a large problem. Our staff, assets, resources, and wide range of products work like an extension of your business to help make your projects successful.


More Valuable Services:

More Valuable Services: Features

  • Drafting
  • Cabinet Design
  • Window Mulling Shop
  • Product Service Department


Years of experience and relationships with our Vendors and Manufacturers provide you with sound products with solid backing.

More than an ordinary lumber company!

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